Oleksandr Kryvenko: "Господи! Захисти мене від цих навязливих послуг касперського..."

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Господи! Захисти мене від цих навязливих послуг касперського через фейсбук! Мир вам! Oleksandr Kryvenko Об этом сообщает lugansk24.in.ua со ссылкой на СМИ.

# СБУ # кіберполіція ! До роботи. Ось вам тексти

Lets Check Your Device for Malicious Software Hi Oleksandr, were continuously working to keep your account secure. Weve noticed that this device may be infected with malicious software. To continue to use Facebook, you can either use other devices or clean this device by downloading the scanner provided by Facebook and Kaspersky Lab.

About Malicious Software Malicious software tries to steal personal information and often spreads spam on Facebook through links or downloads. caretHow did malicious software get on my computer caretWhy should I clean malicious software caretHow can I keep my account secure

Please download the recommended scanner from Facebook and Kaspersky Lab to clean your infected device. By clicking Download, you agree that Facebook and Kaspersky Lab can access your device in order to collect, analyze and remove files that may be malicious, and use and share the collected data to improve security on and off Facebook.

Run Scanner Your download will begin shortly. When youre ready, follow these steps to start Kaspersky Lab scanner. Once you start the scanner, youll be able to use Facebook and other sites.

Find a file named Kaspersky_T1445704868801498T_.exe

Open Kaspersky_T1445704868801498T_.exe

Until scan completes, youll be able to use Facebook in read-only mode

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